Fat of the Land | Big Calm

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Fat of the Land | Big Calm
  • Fat of the Land | Big Calm
  • Fat of the Land | Big Calm
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Big Calm | Support for anxiety, nerves & tension 

From Fat of the Land Apothecary: Oat is one of the best remedies for “feeding” the nervous system, especially when under stress and anxiety. The milky latex is especially helpful for rebuilding the myelin sheath, helping nerves better communicate. Oats rich in silica, calcium, chromium and magnesium and are a nutritive tonic to the nervous system, adrenals, and heart. They helps to buffer the nerves from the stress and over stimulation of daily life that can eventually lead to depression, low vitality and immunity.
Motherwort’s Latin name, Leonurus cardiaca, means "lion hearted’’ due to it’s calming and regulating effect on the heart. It's nervine and antispasmodic properties make it great for nervous anxiety in the chest that grips around the heart or prevents you from taking a deep breath. Motherwort balances mind and emotion and helps to ease aggravation.
Skullcap works well to stop the circular thinking and worry perpetuates a state of anxiety. Paired with mood regulating, joy-inducing, and enchanting Tulsi.*

We use all fresh plant herbal extracts and house made artisanal hydrosols for an exemplary potent formula to ease even the most frayed nerves. Now breathe.

Great in acute situations and taken regularly to rebuild the nervous system over a period of time.

Ingredients (all organic or wild): cane spirits, mountain spring water, fresh milky oats, fresh tulsi, fresh skullcap, fresh motherwort, rose hydrosol

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