Rituals Incense | Palo Santo + Cedar Rope

Rituals Incense

Rituals Incense | Palo Santo + Cedar Rope
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From Rituals: 

These Palo Santo sticks are large, great for big spaces.
Burn time is around 90 min. with a contionous burn, or you can light it up and put out when desired.

These cedar rope incense come from the Himalayan Region of Nepal. The cedar for this fragrant rope incense is extracted from the wood of cedar trees. The common Nepali name for this Himalayan Cedar is Dhup.

Box will include:
3 large Palo Santo incense sticks
6 Himalayan Cedar rope incense

Rituals Incense is 100% natural product.

Hand pressed in small batches.

*shipping overages will be refunded, y'all

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